Cargo Trikes

This is the main purpose for building this trike: hauling heavy and bulky items.

This trike has been used for transplanting trees, hauling heavy loads of dirt, and bags of garbage. I’ve used it to help clean up the banks of the Willamette river. I’ve hauled tents, tables, chairs, all kinds of bulky items.  This makes it a very handy tool. I’ve spoken with one user and he said “This is my truck, I don’t have to worry about how much I load it, and it’s always ready to go.”

We can build sloped side rails or straight rails. The sloping allows garbage cans to fit well. If you are carrying boxes then straight sides might be more practical. We can  add a cargo net across the front and waterproof panels that fit around the cargo area. Whatever attachment you require, this cargo trike will haul it. You can put heavier loads in this trike than you want to pedal.

The carriage platform is .0120 walled square tubing welded to a ¼  plate steel gusset , welded to a .090 walled steel fork and you have an incredibly strong platform. We use 20 inch BMX 14 gauge 36 spoke wheels with Maxxis Holy Roller 20 X 2.20 tires.

Practical… Functional… Durable…